Grow your business with SEO

People are searching on Google for businesses like yours right now, but you’re not showing up. Get optimized, get ranked, and turn online searchers into new customers with SEO Services from the local search experts.

Attract More Customers

We optimize and manage your Google Business Profile and your website so you show up and stand out to local searchers, get more leads and win new customers.

Stand Out in the Local Pack

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to understand your business goals and create a local SEO strategy that’s right for you. We will optimize your Profile with accurate information, publish fresh weekly Google Posts, feature your products and services, develop a review strategy, keep tabs on your competitors and send you a monthly report.

Rank Higher and Convert More Leads

We’ll optimize your website, starting with the top priorities to increase your online conversions and working through our full list of recommendations. Our custom strategies will get you results: increased engagement, traffic, conversions, and sales.

Our SEO Strategy

At it’s core, SEO is a repeatable process that combines on-page, off-page, technical, and content strategy that is relevant to your industry, and your customers. No short-cuts, no ‘secret sauces’ – we’re focussed on sustainable, long-term wins.

Initial Audit

Each campaign starts with a comprehensive audit of your website, current strategy, and history.

Market Insights

Before we can dominate, we need to know your competitors. Our Singapore SEO experts will uncover them.

Technical SEO

Like building a stable foundation for your home, we create technical SEO framework for success.

Keyword Research

Keyword research that uncovers valuable, revenue-driving SEO keywords for your company.

On-Page SEO

We implement proven on-page SEO including meta data, architecture, and media optimisation.

Off-Site SEO

Build trust and topical authority with high-quality backlinks from reputable websites.

Content Marketing

Build topical authority with high quality content that ticks Google’s E-E-A-T checklist.


Measure your growth by numbers, revenue, and overall business growth with transparent SEO reports.

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Win and Retain Clients With Alter

Rank Higher

Rank higher in Google’s local results to get found by more customers. Drive business growth with an optimized Google Business Profile and website from Alter’s expert team.

Make a Good First Impression

People are reading your reviews to decide if they will become your customers. Alter helps you get more reviews to increase rankings and drive new business.

Optimize Your Website

A properly optimized website increases rankings in both organic and local results. Your dedicated account manager will develop the content you need to rank, ensure your website is optimized for Google, and also optimize for customer conversions.

Convert More Leads

We help you turn searchers into customers by ensuring your Google Business Profile and website are set up to easily book an appointment, contact your team, and visit your location.


Supporting Subheading

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to the process of optimising the on-site, off-site, and technical elements of a website in order to improve rankings and visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant search terms. SEO is one of the most popular digital marketing channels for businesses with an estimated 63% of SMEs investing in SEO services for their business.

While there is no exact answer to the question, the timeframe that we provide ranges from 6-12 months depending on these factors. For businesses that are well established, this timeframe may be shorter. Conversely, for new businesses in highly competitive niches, this time frame may be longer.

There is a myriad of different factors that will impact how long it takes to rank your website in Google including:

• The competition in your industry
• The age and domain trust of your website
• Previous SEO work
• Your starting point for rankings
• The amount of resources you are willing to allocate
• The competition of the keywords you’re looking to target

SEO pricing depends largely on the size of your business, scope of your project, and the competition in your niche. Ultimately, the price for SEO will come down to your business type, your ambitions, your starting point, and the time investment required by our team to meet your goals.

We do have an SEO package offering that outlines the costs and inclusions for different business type that we can share during your initial consultation. Book a free consultation to find out more.

Our SEO Services are designed for single, multi-location and enterprise businesses. Our services are perfect for business owners and decision-makers who don’t have time to master Google Business Profiles, but know the value of having an expert on their team. We love to work with Eccomerce sites, hotels , exporters , tech companies, retail and enterprise businesses. Our clients that get the best results understand that investing a little of your time helps us make a greater impact, and (as with anything) results take time.

When it comes to choosing the right keywords for your SEO campaign, it comes down to two main factors:

1. What your target market is searching for in Google?
2. What is the intent behind the keyword search?

In our estimation, neglecting these two things are the biggest mistakes that other SEO companies in Singapore make in an SEO campaign. While it may seem simple, choosing the right keywords for your SEO efforts isn’t just about choosing the search terms with the highest monthly search volume, it’s about understanding which keywords align with your conversion goals (information vs. transactional) and choosing keywords that are realistic for your business, your budget, and your goals.

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