Google Gemini - A guide for Ethiopians

Google Gemini – A guide for Ethiopians 

What is Gemini?

Google Gemini, previously known as Google Bard, is an AI-powered chatbot. It uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide humanlike responses to text, image, and audio prompts.

Gemini is the result of large-scale collaborative efforts by teams across Google, including our colleagues at Google Research. It was built from the ground up to be multimodal, which means it can generalize and seamlessly understand, operate across, and combine different types of information including text, code, audio, image, and video.

Gemini performs several functions. You can ask it questions or make requests, and it will respond with text, code, or images. Gemini integrates with Google apps and services, utilizing the vast database of Google’s search engine to inform its responses.

How to use Google Gemini

Step 1. Sign-up on Gemini

First, you need to go to gemini.google.com and Sign in using your Google account.

Then, you’ll be automatically redirected to the Gemini Home page.

First, a pop-up appears of “Terms of Service,” click on “I agree,” and Continue.

You’ve successfully Signed in to Gemini.

Step 2. Enter Your Query or Prompt in the Box

Once you’ve signed in successfully, you’ll see a Gemini home page with a list of questions and a message box at the bottom.

If you don’t have an idea how to use Gemini AI and what to ask, then you can consider sample questions to start the conversation with Gemini. You will find some default sample questioins just above the prompt box. 

And to ask your own question, go to the message box labeled as “Enter a prompt here” at the bottom.

Here, you can “Enter a prompt” via typing or voice command and hit Enter. 

Gemini will start analyzing your message and generate the most relevant response.

For different conversations, you can open a separate chat box by clicking on the top left-side “New Chat.” 

Tips for Using Google Gemini AI Effectively

If you want to know how to use Gemini AI and how to get maximum output from Google Gemini, then you must be aware of these useful tips:

  1. Write Simple, Clear and Concise Query

It’s very important to understand that when you’re using Google BGeminiard, you need to provide a very simple, clear, and concise query or prompt that Google Gemini easily understands. Try to make it to the point. For example – “Write a poem on a cow” or “Turn this paragraph into points.”

  1. Provide Good Enough Information and Facts

If you want the most relevant response, then you need to provide as much information and facts as possible during your query. Give references, examples, and facts with your query to let Gemini understand properly and give relevant responses.

  1. Turn Data in a Table Format

You can ask Google Gemini to turn the raw data into a tabular format for easy readability. Just write a prompt: “Turn this raw data into table format.”

  1. Fast-check Generated Response

If you want the most accurate and relevant results, then you can fast-check the generated response by clicking on the Google icon and checking its original sources for the given information.

  1. Ask Follow-up Questions

Sometimes, there’s a question left regarding the generated response, so it’s better to ask follow-up questions and come up with satisfactory answers. You can continue the conversation with Gemini by asking questions until you reach satisfaction.

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Recent Statistics of Google Gemini AI

Here are some recent statistics on Gemini AI that you need to know:

Google Gemini was trained using 1.56 trillion words from a public dataset.

1 out of 8 people use Gemini AI worldwide.

Google Gemini’s monthly visitors have crossed 142 million in 2024

60% of users of Google Gemini are male, and 40% are female

Google Gemini is available in 230 countries and supports 43 languages

Google Gemini use cases 

The sophistication of Gemini’s AI models and the breadth of Google’s existing services enable you to use it in many ways, for example, 

Text generation

Enter a prompt, and Gemini will respond with conversational text. You can generate text for various business, personal, academic, or creative applications.

Image Analysis:

Gemini incorporates powerful image analysis capabilities through Google Lens. Simply upload an image or provide a text prompt to add context or direct Gemini’s actions.

Image Generation:

Gemini has the ability to generate images based on your prompts. You can either provide a description or upload a reference image for inspiration. Gemini can create images in various styles, including photorealistic, abstract, hand-drawn, or even mimicking an oil painting.

Code Writing:

Gemini is capable of translating plain language instructions into code. It supports over 20 programming languages, allowing you to easily convert your ideas into executable code.


If you need assistance generating ideas for creative projects, activities, or marketing campaigns, Gemini can help. It’s a valuable tool for brainstorming and inspiring new concepts.

Internet Searching:

Leveraging Google’s search capabilities, Gemini stands out by offering advanced search functionalities. You can perform searches directly within the application or utilize more complex search tasks for comprehensive results.

Interacting with Google Apps and Services:

Gemini Extensions enable seamless integration with various Google apps and services, such as Gmail, Flights, YouTube, Docs, Drive, and Maps. Accessing and interacting with these services becomes effortless.

Text Summarization:

Gemini possesses the ability to scan and summarize texts for you. Simply paste the text or URL into the chatbot, and it will provide you with a concise summary. This feature is particularly useful for extracting key information from lengthy documents or articles.

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