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Free AI marketing tools 

According to a research, 67% of influencers actively utilize AI, proving their influence as trendsetters. While AI is primarily used for written content, such as captions or blog posts, and SEO research, it can also be leveraged for various other purposes in content creation, such as:

    • Generating images and videos
    • Editing images
    • Automating tasks
    • Translating videos and content
    • Analyzing your audience, competitors, or current trends
    • Identifying gaps in content

The structure of the text will be modified without changing the meaning or context in order to avoid plagiarism. The original formatting will be preserved.

The structure of the text has been altered in order to eliminate any instances of plagiarism, while still maintaining the original context and meaning. The markdown formatting has been preserved in the process.

For those in search of the best marketing AI tools that are free, take a look at the following options:

The Wonders of Canva Design

Despite the availability of a paid version, Canva offers a free option in the form of Magic Design™, an AI tool that comes with numerous features. This program utilizes advanced templates to help you visualize your designs and allows for customization by adding your own content. However, certain features do require a subscription to Canva Pro.


Grammarly is a software powered by artificial intelligence that aids individuals in composing and enhancing their written work. With over 30 million users worldwide, this convenient add-on ensures that all forms of content, from personal emails to promotional materials, meet the highest level of quality. The complimentary version of Grammarly detects and corrects mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


ChatGPT is now accessible for free. With access to the GPT-3.5 model, you can inquire and receive responses that can aid in generating innovative concepts, crafting a blog entry, and many other tasks. 

There are numerous other AI programs, including Flick, Chatfuel, Semrush, and Hubspot, that offer free trials, enabling users to test their AI tools for a specific duration.

    • Flick: Assists in the growth and organization of your social media accounts.
    • Chatfuel: Enables the integration of AI chat into your e-commerce company.
  • Semrush: Offers services such as keyword research, competitor analysis, audits, and social media management.
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